NCT’s Mark – A Kim Soo Hyun Lookalike?

Someone said it was like looking at a fluffy cheetah and a grown cheetah.

A post on online community, Theqoo, has drawn attention recently for its comparison of NCT‘s Mark to well-known actor, Kim Soo Hyun. While the post acknowledges that while the two may not look identical, they both give off similar vibes and demonstrate a bright personality. Take a look and decide for yourself!

Mark’s younger days especially, seem to resemble the actor the most.


The two especially look alike with both their hair down, giving off a fresher vibe. A comment reacts, “I never thought they looked alike, but they do, it’s their eyes”.

Both also seem to have similar pronounced cheekbones and an angular jaw, highlighted when they are both wearing caps. Comments on the post have pointed out that “their face shapes and their ears are similar, and while they don’t look alike, they’re in the same category.”

Lastly, they even smile similarly! A netizen cutely points out that while Mark is a “fluffy cheetah”, Kim Soo Hyun is a “grown cheetah”.

Can you see the resemblence between the two? Meanwhile, as Kim Soo Hyun is busy with his latest drama, “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay“,  Mark has just concluded his team’s promotions for their latest comeback, “Punch“. While the baby cheetah has yet to venture into the world of dramas and acting, he did make an attempt in his skit with bandmate Johnny, in an episode of “JCC“, resulting in the self-produced short, “Freaky Handshake“. Check out his adorable acting below!



Source: theqoo