NCT’s Taeyong Shows You The Best Way To Avoid Injury From Cutting Those Pesky Avocados

He wants everyone to keep their hands in one piece.

NCT 127 gathered together in the kitchen to prepare a few dishes. In the process, Chef Taeyong shared a practical cooking tip that many could use.


Since he was helping to make guacamole, avocados were the main ingredient. And, he had to make the disclaimer that cutting them could result in injury if it wasn’t done properly.

So, he gave a tip to make it injury-free. Taeyong said, “Please use a spoon to take out the avocado seeds,” rather than attempting to cut around it.

Then, he even demonstrated how much easier it was with the spoon, so much that he said, “They come out so well.”

Since Taeyong has to take care of at least eight other members, he’s learned a few tips and tricks. See Taeyong’s technique here. Will you be giving it a try?