NCT Taeyong’s Self-Composed Song Will Make You Cry

Can we expect a follow up to his previous solo, “Long Flight”?

The gentle leader has made it tradition for the past few weeks to turn on his V Live every Sunday evening, after his week of music show schedules, just to talk to fans and chill out. These sessions often last about an hour, with him doing various things such as reading fan comments, watching videos that fans tell him to watch, such as fanmade edits, even unboxing his “Animal Crossing” game and naming his island with fans.

Taeyong also often shares snippets of songs he’s been working on, a treat fans look forward to eagerly. While he has previously shared some hard-hitting raps on Bubble, SM‘s paid communication platform for fans and artistes, on May 24th, the “Long Flight” singer shared an emotional song that moved fans to tears.

Although the snippet was barely a minute long, the lyrics beautifully spoke of hoping to give comfort to someone, hoping that the person trusts you enough to show you all their different sides.

“It’s okay, it’s okay now

We go in deep, underneath that color, blue

in that a filled galaxy, come find me anytime

We fly”

– Taeyong, “Blue“.

Fans found it particularly emotional as the song came at a time where there were many doubts and speculations surrounding the singer.

Taeyong explained that he wrote the song on a day he was feeling emotional and that he personally really likes the color blue! Perhaps he was able to take some comfort in looking at the sky, and was inspired to write the song. He also shared that it was one of his favorites, out of all the songs he has composed so far.

“This side of you, it makes my heart clench

I hope you show it to me, it won’t be embarrassing

Shake everything off and dive in the blue

dive in the blue with you, spill everything out

Your loneliness and longing too, all of it

– Taeyong, “Blue

The song perfectly describes how fans hope their relationship with him should be, such that they are able to share things about themselves without judgement, and gain strength and comfort from each other.