NCT’s Ten Discusses His Struggles And Experiences In A Beautifully Handwritten Letter To Fans

His letter was strikingly honest and personal.

NCT‘s China-based unit WayV posted letters dedicated to their fans on Instagram following their debut. Ten has been promoting with this sub-unit since the start of this year, making this his first unit since NCT 2018 Empathy.

In a group filled with so many talented performers, Ten is considered the main dancer due to his versatility and talents in dancing.

Furthermore, his lively personality and infectious smile brought him additional praise, especially during his appearances on NCT Life and NCT DAILY.

Despite this, he was often unable to participate in promotions, given that he is not a member of NCT 127 or NCT DREAM, the two most active subunits.

In addition, Ten experienced chronic knee pain which led to him receiving surgery in 2017. The injury was so severe that he was exempted from the Thai military lottery.

While he was recovering, NCTzens were unable to see Ten promote as he was on hiatus. Many were upset about Ten’s knee injury and concerned about whether he could continue to pursue his passion for dancing.

As a member of WayV, he addresses this in a letter to his fans—one month after the subunit’s debut.

Since [2016] I experienced both great things and difficult things in my life and it made me realise the importance of friendships and self-esteem.

— Ten

While fans were saddened to hear of the hardships that Ten has endured, they were delighted that Ten continued to focus on the positives and took the time to grow as a person.

The time I had by myself helped me understand more about my identity and my love for all forms of art.

— Ten

Although Ten was unable to perform due to his hiatus, he was still appreciative of this time of personal reflection and growth. More than ever now, his love for the stage shines through.

On the stage is where I can express my creativity, also a perfect place where we share what we have in common and come to understand and accept our differences.

— Ten

His refreshing outlook on being an idol has encouraged fans especially with the fact that he had experienced a severe knee injury and prolonged recovery period. Furthermore, Ten consistently expressed gratitude to his fans and his fellow WayV members.

I’m sincerely grateful to be a part of WayV and I would like to express my gratitude to everyone for believing in me and patiently waiting for me for such a long period of time.

— Ten

While fans can’t imagine it can be easy for Ten to learn Mandarin Chinese while being based in China as an idol, they continue to be inspired by his perseverance, determination, and adaptability.

Life can be filled with unexpected twists and hardships are inevitable for everyone. But Ten’s letter reassures us that even when you experience difficult situations that threaten your dreams—if you continue to appreciate yourself and cherish your friendships, then no aspiration can ever be stopped when there is passion.

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