An NCT Fan Ran Into INFINITE’s Sungyeol And The Cutest Interaction Ensued

Sungyeol realized her cell phone background wasn’t him.

An NCTzen had a run-in with INFINITE‘s Sungyeol once and shared the interaction with fellow fans. She had been asked to share a fun story on Peing, Korea’s equivalent of askfm.

It’s not really a fun story but I was about to take a selfie with INFINITE’s Sungyeol and as my phone background is Na Jaemin, he asked who it was. When I said it’s NCT, he said he didn’t know.

— @mimitlqkf on Twitter

She even shared the selfies she managed to take with Sungyeol as proof.

| @mimitlqkf/Twitter
| @mimitlqkf/Twitter

The lucky fan further explained that Sungyeol was way more handsome in real life than on camera. He even had the wit to take the selfie using SNOW app rather than the regular camera.

It seems like this fan wasn’t the only one to have run into Sungyeol on the streets. Another fan claimed that her profile photo was AB6IX‘s Lee Daehwi when she asked Sungyeol for an autograph.

Another fan hilariously commented, “My ex-oppa doesn’t know my current oppa“.

It seems like Sungyeol is rather fastidious to his own lifestyle of exercise and staying healthy. Fans claim he doesn’t even know his now-former company juniors, DRIPPIN!

We bet he wouldn’t know Golden Child too, if not for his brother Daeyeol being a part of the group! What a cutie.

Source: FI