NCTzens Can’t Handle The Hilariously Questionable Design Of NCT DREAM Jeno’s Hoodie

Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

NCT DREAM held a live broadcast on March 30 where they had fun playing games and reading fans’ comments. But there was one thing that caught the attention of many netizens, and that was the amusing, though slightly questionable design of Jeno‘s hoodie.

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Jeno has been really rocking the pink look this comeback. He dyed his hair a gorgeous shade of pink and has been pulling off some next-level outfits with it.

| @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

His pink hair clearly suits him, which is something that many people agree on. Pink hair Jeno is something else!

So when Jeno wore a pink hoodie to NCT DREAM’s latest live, fans were loving the look, especially because of the way it perfectly matched his hair color.

Even Jeno adorably commented on it in a Dear U. Bubble update, saying that he was wearing lots of pink that day and that, in fact, everything was pink except for his pants.

The hoodie was a big hit, and fans even pointed out that the cute contrast between Jeno and Jaemin‘s styles just made the soft vibes of Jeno’s outfit stand out even more.

But soon netizens started pointing out what the text on Jeno’s pink hoodie read…and then it became really hard to unsee it.

NCTzens couldn’t get over the true contrast: the one between the super soft vibes of Jeno’s outfit and what his hoodie actually said.

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This is not the first time a member of NCT wears a hilariously inappropriate top. Jeno’s hoodie brought back memories of another funny piece of clothing that Renjun once wore…

And similarly, NCT leader Taeyong was once seen wearing a hoodie with an equally hilarious design…

…while Winwin once sported a plaid shirt with an interesting message.

Jeno’s pink hoodie will now join the ranks of the funniest tops worn by K-Pop idols!