NCTzens Can’t Stop Praising NCT’s Taeyong For His Thoughtful Gifts To Staff Members

“How do I find a coworker like Taeyong?”

NCT‘s Taeyong has consistently proven that he is not only a thoughtful leader, but also a very warm and caring person. Most recently, he did so by getting staff members some very thoughtful gifts!

| @taeoxo_nct/Instagram

On March 29, hairstylists who work at Bit & Boot, the hair salon where many idols get their hair done, posted some pictures on Instagram that showed the expensive hair dryers that Taeyong had bought for them.

| @bit.boot_1shee/Instagram

Taeyong spared no expense, going for a professional level hairdryer from one of the best brands for both hairstylists!

| @bit.boot_1shee/Instagram

The gifts were clearly very well received, as they both posted sweet thank you messages along with the pictures, with one of them even teasing Taeyong for being, “Young, rich and handsome.”

Some fans have some hilarious theories about Taeyong’s motivation for buying such fancy hairdryers…

…but mostly, NCTzens can’t stop praising Taeyong for the gesture, especially because it proves how considerate he is of the people around him. According to fans, it’s nice to see that Taeyong doesn’t take people for granted and that he always makes an effort to make his appreciation known.

Additionally, fans are happy to see that not only did he take the time to get his hairstylists a present (as he often does for many people), but he also clearly put some thought into getting something that really suits them.

But while fans are incredibly proud of the person that Taeyong is proving himself to be, they also can’t help feeling…a little jealous! Taeyong definitely sounds like the kind of coworker one can only dream of having…

…especially when he’s making it rain expensive gifts!

Taeyong never fails to be a considerate person, and that is always going to be one of the things NCTzens love most about him.