NCTzens Tried To Prank NCT 127, And It Worked—On One Of Them

Jungwoo saw right through fans’ tricks.

For their latest live broadcast, NCT 127‘s Yuta, Taeil, Jungwoo, and Jaehyun sat down to enjoy some food and chat with fans. Since it was April Fool’s Day, fans couldn’t resist pulling a prank on them. Most of the members were just too smart, though.

While Jungwoo leaned over beside Jaehyun to read the comments, they noticed a bunch of them were saying the same thing: they couldn’t hear them talking. Jaehyun said, “No sound?” as he continued looking through them.

Looking fully concerned, all the members looked toward the phone, waiting to see if there was anything they could do to fix it or if the problem had resolved itself. They soon realized they didn’t have to do either.

From the phone Jaehyun was holding, one of their voices was clearly heard speaking. Taeil instantly looked up at the camera and stated, “Lies.” That’s when the rest of them caught on as well.

“Oh,” Jungwoo popped his head up and pointed to the camera, “April Fool’s.” Everyone had a moment of realization about the prank fans were trying to play, especially Jaehyun. His facial expressions showed just how well he’d been tricked.

Before Jungwoo had pointed the prank out, Jaehyun had a blank yet confused expression. After hearing the words, he immediately knew he’d been fooled. With his mouth open in shock, all he could do was smile.

NCTzens’ prank didn’t work quite as they’d planned, especially since they’d reportedly been trying to get them to notice the comments for a long time. They did manage to fool at least one of them.

At least fans know how much NCT 127 truly cares about making everything perfect for them. Watch how quickly Taeil and Jungwoo caught on while the others were going along with it here.