Here Is What You Need To Recreate NCT Johnny’s Favorite Daily Look, According To The Fashion King Himself

You can’t go wrong with Johnny’s simple fashion tips.

NCT‘s Johnny is known as NCT’s full-time fashion king (and part-time fashion evaluator)—and for good reason. He has proven on multiple occasions that he has a sharp eye when it comes to dressing well.

| @johnnyjsuh/Instagram

Therefore, it’s no wonder that, along with his members Doyoung and Jaehyun, Johnny made a special guest appearance on the fashion-themed YouTube series SSS TV to discuss his personal style and how he likes to dress. Here are some very simple tips he gave on how to recreate his favorite daily look.

As someone who veers towards effortless fashion, Johnny says that his favorite clothing item is a hoodie. He feels comfortable in hoodies since he pretty much grew up wearing them…

…and he now appreciates them because they make for the easiest ‘effortlessly casual’ look.

When asked to explain his daily look, Johnny says that he enjoys pants and shoes with a comfortable fit, as well as a hoodie that he can pull over his head.

He also likes wearing cross-body bags…

…and showing off the outfit in a very precise way, which the others teased him for.

When the stylist asked him to approve of the outfit she had put together inspired by his personal style, Johnny agreed that he liked it. He particularly liked the color accent, as he says he never wears all black.

Therefore, the suggestion when wearing black is to always add a splash of color through accessories!

In essence, to recreate Johnny’s favorite daily look one needs a hoodie, comfortable pants and shoes, and an eye-catching cross-body bag (preferably with color).

This is not only a simple enough look to put together, but also one that anyone would enjoy wearing due to its comfortable feel and cozy vibes! If you’d like to see the full video you can check it out on the link below.