Here’s What It Was Actually Like Shooting Netflix’s “All of Us Are Dead,” According To A Filipina Background Actress

She pointed out the good and the bad.

Netflix‘s All of Us Are Dead is continuing to make waves as one of the hottest shows at the moment. This apocalyptic K-Drama follows the survival stories of a group of high school students and the relationships they form along the way.

In a video uploaded on her YouTube channel, Joyce in Korea, Joyce recounted her experience as a background actress in All of Us Are Dead. She played one of the high school students in Episode 1, even going viral for her very Pinoy way of holding her backpack!

According to her, it wasn’t easy to film the K-Drama: “My experience was…during the shoot…it was very hard.”

Noreen Joyce | Joyce in Korea/YouTube 

The hardest part was the weather. Though viewers may think they filmed during winter after seeing the actors’ winter uniforms, the truth was actually the opposite. All of Us Are Dead was filmed at the height of summer two years ago.

We [had] to run a lot especially during the school scene so it was quite hard. We were wearing winter uniforms and it was summer.

— Joyce

In fact, it was hot even for the Philippine-born Joyce who is no stranger to tropical weather. She revealed, “The temperature was around 35 degrees Celsius at that time.”

Despite the less-than-favorable weather conditions, she never regretted joining the lineup of background actors. For Joyce, it was worth it because of how fun the shoot was with fellow young ones.

All in all, it was very fun because we filmed with mostly high school students. And since most are young, the shoot was very fun and very light. So yeah, that was my experience during the All of Us Are Dead filming. Even though it was very hot, the experience was fun.

— Joyce

Joyce did not forget to thank her viewers for their support. She also expressed her amazement at how they were able to spot her every scene no matter how many people were in the shot.

I would like to thank you guys for watching All of Us Are Dead and thank you for appreciating my efforts even though I was just a background actress. You still appreciated it plus you were able to spot me in the scenes even though I was surrounded by real Korean high school students.

— Joyce

| @joyce_in_korea/Instagram

She ended by saying, “Thank you so much for watching!”

Source: YouTube