Who’s Dating Who? The “My Demon” Cast’s Real-Life Romances

They’ve even had children together.

Although Netflix‘s K-Drama My Demon only has two episodes released, actress Kim Yoo Jung and actor Song Kang are turning heads with their chemistry.

Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung.

Because viewers are always curious about what’s real and what’s fake, here are the main cast members who are actually dating or which ones are unlucky in love.

Kim Yoo Jung was rumored to be dating various celebrities, such as iKON‘s JU-NE and idol-turned-actor Cha Sun Woo (formerly B1A4‘s Baro), throughout her career. However, the actress hasn’t confirmed any public relationships and appears to be single.

After their chemistry in Nevertheless, Song Kang was rumored to be dating actress Han So Hee. A co-star clarified the two were only friends. Like Kim Yoo Jung, he hasn’t confirmed any public relationships.

Despite his long acting and musical career, Lee Sang Yi hasn’t been involved in any dating rumors or public relationships. The handsome actor isn’t romantically tied to anyone.

Lee Sang Yi

Unlike the rest of the cast, love was in the air for actress Kim Hae Sook. She married actor Kim Gap Soo and had two daughters together. Since the veteran actress keeps her personal life private, further details about their relationship are unknown.

Kim Hae Sook and Kim Gap Soo in “Hospital Playlist.”

Actress Lee Yoon Ji is also married. She tied the knot to Jeong Han Wool in 2014 and had two children together.

Lee Yoon Ji with her children. | @dancingmulgogi/Instagram

My Demon may be centered around the romance of a demon and an heiress, but the main cast is mostly single.