Netizen Claims IU’s Method of Curing Insomnia Really Works

If you have trouble sleeping, this might be worth a try.

In recent weeks, a post named, “IU‘s Cure to Insomnia Has Helped Me a Lot” was shared in online communities and social media.

The cure that this poster was referring to was from an episode of KBS2’s Conversation with Heeyeol that aired last October. On this show, IU revealed what she does when she has a hard time sleeping at night.

As she revealed her method, she said, “I invented this not long ago. I think it’s an incredible method.

The method is quite simple. First, you must lie down with your eyes closed and think of an image. The simpler the image, the better.

Secondly, you must observe that image from various angles. You can even zoom in and out of it as if you’re using a microscope.

IU explained that if you continue to do this, you’ll fall asleep in no time.

The poster strongly recommended this method and said, “I tend to stay awake for a long time at night, but this method helped me a lot.

If you decided to use this method, what image would you choose?

Source: Insight