Netizen Lashes out at People Who Wear Dental Masks in the Midst of COVID-19

“When I see people with dental masks on, it makes me angry.” – Netizen

With COVID-19 affecting many countries and how they live their daily lives, one netizen in Korea criticized people who wear dental masks in public spaces and expressed that it makes them angry.

In one online community, a post titled, “When I See People With Dental Masks On, It Makes Me Angry” drew overwhelming attention.

The poster wrote,

Some people wear dental masks because they find it hard to breathe in the K94 masks. That only prevents spray from getting out. But because it doesn’t even wrap tightly around your face, if you sneeze, it’s the same as not wearing a mask at all.

– Netizen

The poster continued,

7 out of 10 people at my work roam around with dental masks on. When I see them sneeze, it annoys me. Do you think the rest of us wear K94 masks because we have loads of money lying around?

– Netizen

They then concluded,

If you just use the K94 once and throw it out, it’s not even that hard to breathe. Please use K94 masks.

– Netizen

Meanwhile, other netizens are refuting the poster’s claims.

Wearing dental masks helps in preventing the spread of COVID-19. There’s no reason why people can’t wear dental masks.

– Netizen

Prior to this post, the Korean health authorities also stated that dental masks aid in the spread prevention of COVID-19.

The Korean citizens are reportedly following the health authorities’ suggestion of using dental masks instead of KF94, KF80, or N95 masks during the summer.

Source: Insight