Netizens Have Fallen Head Over Heels In Love With The ’98 Line Friendship Group

Not many people knew about this friend group until recently.

There are a lot of well-known friendship groups in K-Pop and the entertainment industry. Fans are always excited to learn more about them and while the famous ’97 line has certainly drawn a lot of attention and love from fans over the years, it looks like they’re going to have to share that love since netizens have just discovered another sweet friendship group!


There’s another year line in K-Pop, the ’98 line! This friend group is made up of ASTRO‘s Moonbin, SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan, IMFACT‘s Ungjae, Gfriend‘s Umji and SinB, and former Uni.T member Suji.


Although fans have known about their close bond for a long time, and there have occasionally been cute interactions between some of the members that have caught everyone’s eye, they recently have been receiving a lot more attention.


This is in part because fans found out that Moonbin had left a special message to his fans in ASTRO’s latest album.

“Thank you, my friends, Eunbi, Yewonie, Suji, Boo, Ungie! Thank you all!”

— Moonbin


And he wasn’t the only one! Ungjae left one of his own in IMFACT’s album!

“My lovely ’98 liners! Binie, Seungkwanie, Eungi, Yewonie, Suji, let’s be friends for a really long time!”

— Ungjae


Since netizens have been made aware of this sweet friendship, they’ve been digging up even more adorable interactions between them all and it’s seriously enough to melt even the coldest heart.


They’ve found everything from uwu-worthy moments of the friends playing around with each other…


To adorable dance-alongs!


Netizens have also noticed how supportive of each other all the friends are. When Gfriend had their first win, Suji and Seungkwan were both spotted giving their congratulations to their friends.


The same happened when ASTRO had their first win too!


They’ve been spotted attending each other’s concerts on multiple occasions!

Suji, Umji, and SinB were seen at ASTRO’s year-end concert.


Not to mention Suji once promoted all of her friends’ groups at once!

“How could their promotions overlap like this… Stay healthy while doing your promotions! Support them, all of their songs are great! #SEVENTEEN #home #Gfriend #sunrise #imready #IMFACT #onlyu #ASTRO #allnight.”

— Suji


The more netizens see of this friend group the more they fall in love with them!


Now everyone’s ready to stan the ’98 line group!

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