A Netizen Found A Random Wallet On The Ground—And It Turned Out To Be Jeon So Min’s

The actress’s response is everything ❤️

Recently, a netizen posted a story about how they came to find actress Jeon So Min‘s wallet—and the story is going viral online.

Actress Jeon So Min.

The netizen got straight into their story by revealing that after they found Jeon So Min’s wallet, they contacted her agency. Moments later, the actress contacted the netizen herself, saying “I am the owner of the wallet” through a phone call.

According to the netizen, they met up with the Running Man cast member at a specific meet-up location. And while they expected the actress’s manager or a different agency representative to show up to retrieve the wallet, Jeon So Min came to the location and met up with the netizen herself.

The CEO of her agency, the one who had previously appeared on KBS’s ‘Happy Together’ was driving the car. He remained in the car and waited for her as Jeon So Min met me at the location to get her wallet back.

— Netizen

Not only did the actress pick up the wallet herself, but the netizen further shared that Jeon So Min offered a token of gratitude in the form of a monetary reward.

While the location where Jeon So Min lost her wallet was not disclosed, the netizen revealed that they contacted her agency after recognizing her through the contents of her wallet.


Before exchanging their farewells, the netizen shared that they had asked the Running Man member for a photo, to which Jeon So Min responded in the most Jeon So Min way possible.

I should have worn some makeup before I came out.

— Jeon So Min

Jeon So Min with her wallet and the netizen who found it (right) | theqoo

The netizen continued with their praises for the actress, as they shared Jeon So Min’s kind hearted nature was revealed through her actions. As the actress was heading out to her car, the netizen shared that she told them, “you will be blessed” while bowing 90 degrees as a farewell.

| theqoo

Jeon So Min is such a sweetheart! In related news, Running Man viewers will not be able to see the actress in the next two upcoming episodes as she focuses on recovering from her foot surgery.

Running Man won’t be the same without her, but we hope she recovers well!

Source: WikiTree