Someone Tried To Buy A Hotdog From The Hotdog Stand That Appears In Suzy’s Latest Drama, “Start-Up” – Here’s How It Went Down

Unfortunate, but hilarious.

If you’ve been keeping up with Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk‘s latest drama, Start-Up, you’ll recognize this little hotdog stand from early episodes of the show. Seo Dal Mi’s family hotdog truck was once a hole-in-the-wall stand near some apartment complexes.

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One netizen had noticed a hotdog stand near her home with hotdogs going for a mere ₩500 KRW ($0.44 USD). He hung around near the shop until a staff came out and he proceeded to as for a hotdog! However, he was left disappointed and embarrassed when they told him that it was just a setup for a drama.

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Around January or February, I noticed they were selling hotdogs in front of my house for f*cking cheap so I wanted to buy some to take home. As I was hanging around outside, when someone came out I said crap like “Excuse me…the hotdog..~~” and they said it was just a setup for a drama. F*ck I ran home f*cking quick. My friend said Start-Up was fun so I remembered this and wrote this post. If this sort of post isn’t allowed, I’l delete it. Ah f*ck I want to delete it quickly though because it’s so embarrassing…

— Netizen

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Well, there are worse ways to be embarrassed! At least he got a good look at the set of what is sure to be a hit drama. Meanwhile, you can catch Start-Up every weekend on Netflix!

Source: theqoo
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