Netizen Shares An Adorable Story About Super Junior Yesung’s Middle School Past

His childhood photo is everything!

A netizen has come forward, yet again about an idol member but this time, it was to share a heartwarming story about Super Junior‘s Yesung.

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Yesung is the latest idol to have his supposed past shared onto an online community. This story, however, is an adorable one and it involves a popular children’s game called, gonggi.

I played gonggi a lot with Yesung…he was my gonggi rival. Yesung was really kind. Even in high school, he told everyone that he got into SM Entertainment. I probably can’t see him anymore, right? Regardless, I will always support him. Hwaiting!

— Former classmate

They shared their story with an adorable photo of Yesung from his middle school days as proof.

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Netizens have been loving this heartfelt story about the Super Junior member and shared their positive responses.

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  • “Gonggi play hahahahaha”
  • “Omg this is so cute hahahahaha”
  • “I want to see Yesung play gonggiㅠㅠ hahaha”
  • “He grew up exactly the same haha he looks the same that I cracked up haha”
  • “He looks the same”
  • “hahaha he looks the same haha so happy”
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We love the sweet story shared by Yesung’s former classmate. Give us more!

In related news, Super Junior has been exciting fans with their highly anticipated comeback. Their 10th album, which commemorates their 15 year anniversary is set to be available for preorder purchase starting today. Stay tuned for the group’s upcoming comeback and promotions for their new album, The Renaissance. 

Source: theqoo

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