A Netizen Ran Into “The World of the Married” Park Hae Joon, but Their Encounter Took an Unexpected Turn

Seeing Park Hae Joon in person completely changed her perception of him.

In light of the drama, The World of the Married hitting record-breaking numbers in Korea, one netizen shared a story about how she ran into the actor, Park Hae Joon herself, but the encounter did not go the way she planned.

Ms. A posted, “I went to the countryside and ran into the filming crew for The World of the Married. Lee Tae Oh is so good-looking.

She explained that while watching the drama, she thought, “I’d better curse him out if I ever meet him in person.

But when the opportunity presented itself, that’s not exactly how it went.

I was determined to cuss him out if I ever met him in person. But I almost told him, ‘Can I be your third wife?’

– Netizen

After watching the actor play the role of a man who cheated on his first wife and married the woman he had an affair with, she wanted to teach Park Hae Joon a lesson.


But when she actually saw him in person, he was so good-looking that she changed her mind.

Despite how much viewers hate his character, Lee Tae Oh, netizens can’t deny that Park Hae Joon is one handsome man.

Those who read Ms. A’s story responded with comments such as “He’s actually such a scumbag in the drama, but he’s still so good-looking“, “He’s the definition of beauty of corruption“, “I burst out laughing at the third wife part”, and “I can sympathize with that“.

Source: Insight