Korean Netizens Think aespa’s Karina And Winter Both Look Like The Same Female Idol

They also think the three could be sisters.

SM Entertainment has recently released teaser photos for their new girl group, aespa. Fronting the line so far are Karina and Winter. Both girls have been highly praised for their flawless visuals.

| SM Entertainment

Korean netizens think that the two look so alike, they could be sisters. However, they’ve found another female idol that they think looks exactly like Karina and Winter.

| SM Entertainment

Netizens have found similarities between the faces of both the aespa members and Cosmic Girls‘ Yeoreum!

They’ve noted that while Winter’s face is a little rounder than Yeoreum’s, the overall vibes they give out are very similar.

| SM Entertainment and theqoo

On the other hand, Karina’s face shape, eyes, and nose are almost a carbon copy of Yeoreum’s!

| SM Entertainment and theqoo

They also thought that the three looked similar to Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon.

| theqoo
  • “Is this style popular recently?”
  • “For real, it’s like triplets.”
  • “I didn’t get the OP until I read the comments and realized they were all different people. I thought they were the same person just that the vibes changed with the season and concept, so I was puzzled as to what aespa was kekeke. I scrolled down thinking that the person looks like Taeyeon.”
  • “Totally look alike.”
  • “I thought it was Taeyeon.”
  • “WJSN Yeoreum is pretty.”

Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri was also brought up as a similar-looking idol.

| theqoo
  • When the photos first came out, I also thought it looked like Yeoreum keke”
  • “Although we have to see later on for their unedited content, just by photos they look super alike. Almost like copy and paste.”
  • “Watching ‘Hmph!’ I thought she looks like Hyeri.”
  • “They also said that Yeoreum looked like a branch out from Hyeri when she first debuted kekeke I think the best output from that type of faces is still Hyeri.”
  • “Wow I thought they had Taeyeon’s vibes but the three look so alike that if you said they were triplets, I’d believe it.”

One thing’s for sure, all three of them are absolutely stunning! aespa is set to debut sometime in November, while Yeoreum has recently made a unit comeback with Cosmic Girls Chocome.

Source: theqoo