Netizens Agree Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Has Not Aged One Bit Since Debut

How is this even possible!

Girls’ Generations’ Taeyeon, known for her youthful and pure look, looks like she hasn’t aged a day since her debut! Recently, an online community post garnered much attention for Taeyeon’s most recent photos.

In the photos, she looks like she could be in her teens or early twenties, with her sweet visuals and cute styling.

The bangs and light makeup add to her youthful appearance!

This also proves just how hard she works to maintain a healthy and youthful look!

Just look at that smile!

Netizens that saw the photos were shocked at her visuals and felt that she looked like her “Mr. Mr.” era.

| Instiz

  • “This reminds me of her ‘Mr. Mr.’ days.”
  • “This is Mr. Mr. vibes.”
  • “Taeyeon really be living in 2014 still.”
  • “Wow it’s always just me that ages.”
  • “Totally Mister Mister era Taeyeon.”

And for reference, this is Taeyeon from her “Mr. Mr.” era!

We love a queen who works on herself in order to continue to do what she loves for her fans!

Source: instiz