Netizens Agree On HyunA’s Best Male Collab Partner Of All Time — And It’s Not Who You Think It Is

It might be unexpected to some people.

HyunA has done a variety of collaborations over the years, but only one combination remains in everyone’s mind as the ultimate stage!

Out of the choices, one option included her partners in CUBE Entertainment’s Triple H, Hui and Dawn.

Songs like “365 FRESH” left fans with a brand new concept and an edgy music video.

The next option was fellow PNation duet partner Dawn.

Despite having chemistry as boyfriend and girlfriend, this duo didn’t top the results!

According to netizens, HyunA’s most iconic collab was “Troublemaker” with fellow CUBE Entertainment’s Jang Hyunseung.

Released in 2011, the song brings back memories of legendary performances.

Netizens agree the duo had chemistry as performing artists and were both able to shine.

Let’s be honest — This era lives in all of our minds rent-free!

Source: TheQoo