Netizens Think It’s Amusing That These 2 Iconic SM Artists Somehow Pull Off The Same Bedazzled Hat

It’s the SM-hood of the traveling sparkly hat

Not sure why, but we love it when K-Pop idols are spotted wearing the same clothing pieces. Recently, two SM Entertainment artists were captured wearing very similar items, sparkly gemstone hats to be exact. So who are the two artists, you may ask? Let’s take a look to find out!

First up is EXO‘s Kai, who just recently made his long awaited solo debut! The boy group member recently dropped his first solo album, “KAI”, which marks his very first solo release. It was in his music video for his title track, “Mmmh” that fans noticed something unique that caught their eye.

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In the music video, the dancing machine can be seen wearing a very sparkly and very bedazzled hat! With its funky colors and long tassels, it captured everyone’s attention due to the intense bling. However, Kai manages to pull it off as he sings and dances to his title song.

Still from “Mmmh” music video | SM Entertainment

We love the contrast between the colorful and sparkly hat with the dark ambiance of the background. The duality of the hat is really showcased as this very masculine boy group member pulls off, what would be considered a “feminine” hat. The fluidity of the head piece matches the fluidity of his dance moves, which is a great plus!

Still from “Mmmh” music video | SM Entertainment

The saga of the sparkly bedazzled hat doesn’t end there as another iconic SM artist was spotted wearing a hat very similar to Kai’s. The artist in question, you ask? It is none other than queen BoA herself!

BoA, who is celebrating her 20th anniversary this year, updated all her fans that she would be releasing a very special album to commemorate her 20 years in the industry. Titled “Better”, her album is set to release sometime in December. With the updated news, the queen just released a music video teaser for her upcoming comeback and in the teaser, fans noticed something interesting about her attire.

Still from “Better” music video teaser | SM Entertainment

Everyone was quick to recognize the funky head piece that BoA was wearing! It may not be the exact same as Kai’s, but anyone can notice the similarities between the two. They both have a draped hood look, sparkly design and an overall funky concept to it. While fans aren’t able to see it fully due to the quickness of the teaser, it was more than enough for netizens to pick up on the similarities.

Still from “Better” music video teaser | SM Entertainment

We are excited to see more of this interesting hat in BoA’s full music video for her title track, “Better”. Meanwhile, netizens had a lot to say about the two SM artists and their interesting head pieces. Here’s what they had to say:

| theqoo
  • “After seeing it on Kai, I really liked it especially because it’s so unique”
  • “Someone please burn it”
  • “…wait someone give it to me so I can throw it away ha ha ha ha ahhhhh”
  • “After watching Kai’s music video, it reminded me of a mermaid even though it’s a hat ha ha ha I just watched BoA’s teaser and it also looks really good on BoA”
  • “It’s pretty and looks good on both of them”
  • “I personally think it’s pretty”
  • “ha ha ha it’s this”
  • “I thought it was so gorgeous in Kai’s music video, that style looks really good on him”


We love the duality of this sparkly gemstone head piece and how it is somehow pulled off by both artists. To see more of the bedazzled hat, watch Kai’s debut music video for his solo song “Mmmh” and BoA’s music video teaser for “Better” down below!

Source: theqoo


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