Netizens Argue That YG Is No Longer Part Of “The Big 3”, Here’s Why

Netizen claims that YG Entertainment is no longer part of the Big 3 and Yang Hyun Suk is part of the reason why.

According to the netizen, YG Entertainment was included in the top 3 entertainment companies thanks to BIGBANG and G-Dragon, but now that most of the members have been enlisted in the army, that is no longer the case.


The company has been tainted with numerous issues of drugs and corruption, and their songwriters are not able to produce various styles of music like other entertainment companies.

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Moreover, the netizen argued that iKON and WINNER‘s popularity are far behind BTS, EXO, SEVENTEEN and Wanna One.

“iKON and WINNER who are the next generation of BIGBANG can’t even enter the music charts as Top 10. They fail behind BTS, EXO, SEVENTEEN, Wanna One and more.” — Netizen


BLACKPINK has also yet to meet 2NE1‘s success in their eyes. TWICE, Red Velvet, MAMAMOO and GFRIEND are considered more of a household name than BLACKPINK.

“BLACKPINK can’t even compare to 2NE1. They’re far behind TWICE, Red Velvet, MAMAMOO, GFRIEND, and more in terms of competition.” — Netizen


The netizen continued that Yang Hyun Suk runs the company without thorough planning and therefore, iKON, WINNER and BLACKPINK will fail if this continues.


Many netizens disagreed with most of the information that was stated.

  • “You say WINNER and iKON can’t rank in the Top 10 but fyi they’re in the Top2~^^”
  • “Don’t think this person looks at the charts”
  • “I’m sorry, but please go look at the Melon chart and come back~”


The one thing they did agree on, however, was Yang Hyun Suk’s strange method of running his company.

  • “Everything else is fine but I can’t understand Yang Hyun Suk’s way of managing the company sometimes”
  • “His management method is a little weird considering they’re one of the big 3…but the artists are really great…”
  • “The achievement of the artists are all okay but the CEO is a problem…Yang Hyun Suk…”
Source: Instiz