Netizens Believe BIGBANG’s Taeyang Is Hinting At A Comeback

Fans hope he’ll be making his solo return after five years.

BIGBANG Taeyang‘s most recent social media activity has fans believing he may be making his long-awaited comeback soon.

BIGBANG’s Taeyang | YG Entertainment

BIGBANG released their much-anticipated single “Still Life” after a four-year hiatus in April this year. The group has primarily focused on their individual ventures and activities since their album, MADE, was released in 2016.

After mostly staying out of the spotlight, Taeyang surprised fans in September when it was announced he would be on the cover of Marie-Claire Korea.

Taeyang’s cover photo quickly went viral among fans as he debuted his new long hair, which had fans swooning.

Along with news of the cover, Taeyang also released new photos to his Instagram account that showed off his fit physique.

| @__youngbae__/Instagram
| @__youngbae__/Instagram

The updates about Taeyang’s recent whereabouts naturally raised the question of when he would be making his solo return to music.

Taeyang’s last solo release was in 2017 when he dropped his third solo album, White Night, and went on a world tour, visiting 19 cities across Asia and North America after four shows in Japan.

Promotional poster for Taeyang’s North American leg of his “White Night” tour

Five years after his last solo release, his recent social media activity has fans hoping he’ll soon make a comeback.

Fans quickly noticed that Taeyang’s Instagram posts were all archived, and his profile picture was changed to black after having previously been a screenshot from BIGBANG’s “Still Life” music video.

Taeyang’s Instagram profile before
Taeyang’s Instagram profile after

Taeyang’s Twitter account was also changed, with his header and profile photo being changed to black as well.

Fans shared their excitement as they debated whether this could possibly signal a comeback or mean something else.

Hopefully, we’ll know more about the mysterious update soon!

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