BIGBANG Taeyang’s Latest Whereabouts Has Fans Thirsting After A Married Man

…respectfully, of course.

It’s been quite some time since we’ve heard from BIGBANG‘s Taeyang. While he has been updating his Instagram consistently for fans, it’s been a while since he stepped into the spotlight. He participated in BIGBANG’s 16th-anniversary song, “Still Life”, in April 2022. After that, he was quiet for a little while.

Finally, fans get to see him on the front page once again. He was selected as the cover for Marie Claire‘s Kiaf issue. Just in time for Seoul Art Week, Taeyang graced the cover of the magazine with his dashing looks.

A moving motion video was also dropped on his Instagram. His handsome features were the same as ever!

Taeyang also treated fans to some photos taken almost a year ago. They were taken as a favor to his trainer, Tim Kim, for his book on physical fitness.

| @__youngbae__/Instagram

We know he’s married, but he’s hot AF.

| @__youngbae__/Instagram

He was also seen at the launch of Tim’s book.

| theqoo

His longer hairstyle suits him perfectly.

| theqoo

Taeyang’s loyalty is impressive! Not everyone would make time for their trainer.

| theqoo

He even posed with Tim’s book.

| theqoo

Fans only had one thing on their mind! Yes, sure, Taeyang looks absolutely hot. But fans want him to return to the stage ASAP.

| theqoo
  • “He looks the same.”
  • “Please sing.”
  • “He’s the same as ever…”
  • “He should’ve done that hair earlier…”
  • “Don’t you want to earn diaper money…Please give us a song…”

Well, we’re sure that he has enough money to last for generations but would honestly be a huge waste of Taeyang’s voice and talent if he doesn’t release more music! Taeyang’s last solo was “White Night” in 2017, before he enlisted in the army.

Source: theqoo