Netizens Are Calling HyunA Possessed Because She Wore This

HyunA can’t seem to catch a break right now.

Triple H is back with their new song “Retro Future” – but HyunA is getting some criticism for their recent performance on The Show thanks to her outfit.


An article titled, “Clothes that only HyunA can pull off” was published to promote Triple H’s latest performance, giving details of the broadcast and showing a photo of HyunA mid-song.


But Korean netizens have responded with negativity, calling her “possessed” and “mental”.

  • “She honestly looks like a shaman.”
  • “She dresses like this and whines and cries about how she hates being viewed sexually; what does she want us to do?”
  • “This is just wrong.”
  • “It’s like she’s screaming, ‘I’m the craziest b*tch on this block!!’… Unnie stop…”
  • “What can she do but this when she can’t sing…”
  • “I’m not the only one who got goosebumps, right??”
  • “She looks possessed.”
  • “I’m scared…”
  • “She looks like a witch from a foreign movie.”


And are suggesting it’s a bad move in a line of bad career moves.

  • “She’s been going down the wrong concept path for a while now…”
  • “Please get your mental health back and let’s go back to being an idol.”


Meanwhile, international fans are, on the whole, more positive about the comeback concept.

  • “So sexy.”
  • “So beautiful.”
  • “HyunA is my religion.”
  • “She looks amazing in this yellow wow.”
  • “I mean, the outfits are definitely not for everybody, but imo.. Ssul snapped! Ssul is HyunA’s stylist and has worked with Triple H again this year. I love the styling.”
  • “As if the styling couldn’t get worse, they decided to dress HyunA as the McDonalds Logo.”


HyunA has already received some backlash for what some Korean netizens are calling her “excessive skinship” with the PENTAGON boys.


Check out Triple H’s The Show performance below:

Source: SBS FunE