Netizens Go Crazy Over Figure Skater Cha Jun Hwan’s Short Hair Visuals From The Past

This visual king is skating his way into the hearts of fans all around the world!

Figure skater Cha Jun Hwan has been gaining tons of attention for his incredible visuals, going viral almost immediately following his participation at the 2022 Beijing Olympics!

Cha Jun Hwan | @jun_july_august/Instagram

Along with his amazing skill and grace as a skater, Cha Jun Hwan had netizens around the world enraptured with his handsome visuals and boyish smile…

…and nobody can stop falling for him, especially with a past interview that has resurfaced! In a previous news segment on the South Korean channel SBS, Cha Jun Hwan appeared with a shorter hairstyle—and had netizens absolutely floored with how adorable he looked!

| theqoo

Even with a mask on, he managed to showcase his sunny smile…

…and made hearts melt everywhere! The short hair does really highlight his handsome face, doesn’t it?

| theqoo

Whether it’s with long hair or short, Cha Jun Hwan is still a visual prince!

Source: theqoo

Cha Jun Hwan