Koreans Go Crazy For Figure Skater Cha Jun Hwan’s Real Life Visuals

These were taken with phone cameras.

National figure skater Cha Jun Hwan grew in popularity immensely after his recent skate at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. The talented young man finished 5th globally for men’s figure skating. His idol-like visuals have also become a hot topic for fans.

While fans are used to seeing him on ice and on national TV…

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…his “real life visuals” were brought to attention of late. In photos snapped by phone cameras from a variety of realistic angles, he still manages to look flawless.

His eyes were especially highlighted for being gorgeous.

With such thick lashes, he doesn’t even need eyeliner!

He looks extremely focused on ice.

But off it, he’s a total cutie.

He really could rival any idol with such looks.

Even in potato quality, his visuals shine.

It’s Jun Hwan fever all around with netizens singing his praises.

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  • “He’s a prince, he’s gorgeous”
  • “Really, where else can we find such a prince?”
  • “He’s a prince”
  • “Unbelievable. He’s beautiful.”
  • “How can someone be so beautiful?”
  • “A face I’ve seen only in comics”

Our biases better move aside so we can get to stanning this cutie!

Source: theqoo

Cha Jun Hwan