Figure Skater Cha Jun Hwan Goes Viral With A Hairstyle That Makes Him Look Hotter Than Ever

Hot damn.

Figure skater Cha Jun Hwan has been a hot topic for weeks in Korean media. Everyone is falling head over heels for the athlete! Not only did he finish 5th in the world for men’s figure skating in the recent 2022 Beijing Olympics, but he’s also been raking in fans with his visuals.

Cha Jun Hwan recently stole hearts once again when clips from his short hair days went viral on the internet. This hairstyle is known to the Korean public as the “ban-kkan” style, which means half up and half down.

His regular unstyled look is what netizens commonly call “deop-meo,” which is short form for hair that is down. This is his usual default even on the ice, leading to many fans dubbing him the figure skating prince.

| @jun_july_august/Instagram

Fans got a third wave of heart attacks when a past video of one of his skating competitions went viral again. This time, fans were treated to a rare view of his hair fully up!

Fans compared him to an actor as he suddenly looked ten times older and hotter.

With his hair out of his face, his jaw looked more defined, and his angled, full eyebrows were on display.

| theqoo
  • “Prince”
  • “It’s so amazing how all those pics are him without makeup”
  • “Whatever it is, the prince’s hair is f*cking thick LOL”
  • “I love!!!! his hair all up”
  • “He’s truly a prince”
  • “He looks like a total beauty with his hair all up. Jun Hwan’s all up is a work of art”
  • “He looks like a baby with his hair down… but all up is crazy”
  • “The prince is everything.”

Which hair do you like the best on him?

Source: theqoo

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