Netizens Are Curious About Whether Or Not AKMU Will Renew Their Contracts With YG

What will they decide?

With a new year, discussions of contract renewals are becoming a hot topic. Many artists’ contracts are set to expire this year but netizens are the most curious about this particular duo.

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YG Entertainment‘s famous sibling duo, AKMU is one of the many artist’s who have a contract negotiation coming up. Their contract is set to expire in April of this year, creating a buzz amongst netizens.

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The siblings made their television debut when they starred on SBS‘s K-pop Star Season 2. They became an instant crowd favorite with their amazing stage presence and witty song lyrics. Their popularity on the show went all the way to the end, when they were eventually crowned as the winners of the season. The winner of the show was given the opportunity to sign an exclusive contract with either YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment or SM Entertainment. AKMU ended up signing with YG back in 2012 after they won and the rest is history.

Since their actual debut in the industry under their new label, they continued to create strong impressions on the public as Lee Chan Hyuk released bop after bop with his incredible songwriting and producing abilities. Boasting dozens of songs under his belt, he became an instant star along with his sister, Lee Suhyun. Suhyun’s incredible vocals paired with Chanhyuk’s amazingly produced songs proved to be the exact recipe the Korean public needed.

With all that said, netizens can’t help but wonder about the future of this group. A remark that was made by Chanhyuk in the past has been making it’s way back into headlines with the news of their contract renewal. Chanhyuk had once said to solo artist Lee Hi, “I hope that you’ll wait just a little longer while I establish my own label. Then you can come join me.” Whether this was said jokingly or not, netizens can’t help but speculate that there’s a possibility of the sibling duo establishing their own company.

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Some comments made by netizens revealed that they don’t care where AKMU goes, as long as they continue to make music. Comments such as “regardless of where you go, please just release albums”, “it would be hilarious if they signed with JYP” and “wow the time flew by” were seen circulating the internet.

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Since there are still a few months left before their contract expires, netizens are just left wondering with their speculations.

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