Netizens Bash S.E.S’s Eugene’s Stylist for “Ruining Her Beauty” at the 56th Grand Bell Awards

Netizens are not happy with Eugene’s hair, makeup, or outfit.

Actress Eugene, who is well-known for having been a member of S.E.S, was recently spotted walking the red carpet of the 56th Grand Bell Awards.

Eugene is famous for being a natural beauty and she somehow manages to slay every event appearance with her outstanding visuals.

But according to netizens, that’s not what happened this time around.

Following Eugene’s red carpet appearance, netizens expressed their disappointment in her stylist for basically ruining her face, hair, and outfit.

Some of the criticisms targeted her uneven eye makeup, excessive mascara, and a lip color that was too light.

Furthermore, the netizens expressed that the hairstyle that revealed her entire forehead wasn’t the most flattering.

As such, netizens are leaving comments of disapproval such as “Why did they ruin such a pretty face?“, “Her hair, makeup, and outfit are all bad“, and “This is her worst look yet“.


Some even expressed their rage claiming that it takes another kind of talent to make a goddess’ face look the way it did.

What are your thoughts?

Source: Insight