Netizens Update Unofficial List Of K-Pop Songs “Banned” During The CSAT With New Addition

Netizens declared a recently released song “too catchy.”

The Korean college entrance exam has been referred to as “the exam that stops the nation” as the daily pattern of life on the stress-inducing day dramatically alters to accommodate students taking the eight-hour exam.

A student receiving their CSAT score | Yonhap News

The College Scholastic Ability Test, or CSAT, is a defining moment in the lives of Korea’s youth as the test determines high school seniors’ future academic careers.

Due to the stress felt by students who take the test on the third Thursday of November each year, the country rallies in support. Flights are grounded to reduce noise, police ready themselves to escort students who run behind, jobs for office workers begin an hour later to reduce traffic, and public transportation increases to keep things running smoothly.

A student receiving a police escort to their CSAT testing center.

During stressful times, people often turn to music for motivation or a brief “escape,” but what if the song is so catchy that it gets in the way of productivity?

In Korea, they have a solution; K-Pop songs deemed too addictive have been unofficially “banned” leading up to and during the college entrance exam period to help keep catchy songs from being stuck in students’ heads.

Hit songs on the list famously include SHINee‘s “Ring Ding Dong,” BTS‘s “Go Go,” aespa‘s “Next Level,” and more.

aespa performing “Next Level” on SBS’s “Inkigayo” | @sbsnoriter/Twitter

Recently, many netizens have determined that a new song should be added to the list for being too catchy.

EXO‘s Kai released his third solo EP on March 13, and since then, his title track, “Rover,” has been stuck in many netizens’ minds rent-free thanks to its fun melody and addictive chorus.

Netizens hilariously (and unofficially) declared that Kai’s newest release should be “banned” for college test takers.

| theqoo
  • “Kai’s “Rover” needs to be banned for all college entrance exam takers.”
  • “Kai’s “Rover” is the newest addition to all songs banned for college entrance exam takers.”
  • “I’ve watched so many of the “Rover” challenges that I’m starting to like the song.”
  • “Rover” is too catchy, like the ones banned for college entrance exam takers…”
  • “Kai’s “Rover” is catchy enough it should be banned.”
  • “Omfg, Kai’s “Rover” is THAT SONG. It needs to be banned for all college entrance exam takers.”

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Source: theqoo