Netizens Have Mixed Reactions To STAYC Sieun and Yoon’s Live Singing Covers Of IVE, NCT, And More

What are your thoughts?

A recent video of STAYC‘s Sieun and Yoon has earned mixed reactions after being shared online.

(left to right) STAYC’s Sieun and Yoon. | @STAYC_official/Twitter

As of late, STAYC are promoting their most recent release, “Teddy Bear,” and just made an appearance on JTBC‘s K-909 series.

The group filmed content as part of their appearance, including a video where members Sieun and Yoon did vocal covers of the chart-topping K-Pop songs for the first week of May.

Some songs on their cover list included NCT DoJaeJung‘s “Perfume,”…

NMIXX‘s “Love Me Like,”…

…and IVE‘s “I AM.”

Many fans praised their vocals, and appreciated the “crumbs” between STAYC and the groups they covered. Fans were especially in love with their cover of FIFTY FIFTY‘s “Cupid.”

Others were a little more conflicted over the covers, saying that while the two members are talented vocalists, they did not harmonize in the covers enough.

Clips of their covers have gone viral on TikTok, earning more than a million views and thousands of comments. Many specifically say that Yoon’s vocals were too powerful compared to Sieun’s softer singing style.

STAYC Sieun &Yoon Cover ‘I AM’ #스테이씨 #stayc #ive #iveiam #sieun #yoon #fancam #sweetener_cam

♬ I AM – IVE

Following the release of the video, Yoon and Sieun sent messages on the Dear. U Bubble platform, talking about their covers. Yoon specifically stated how difficult doing the songs were and that she tried her best.

Global Chart in 99 Seconds! It was completely live, so it was difficult. But I tried my best. I feel like I could probably do better if I tried again. There’s no need for regrets, I know. But I guess I wanted to do really well since I was performing other artists’ songs…

— STAYC’s Sieun

Fans also used this as a chance to show off the group’s vocals, sharing other performances and covers by STAYC.

What are your thoughts? You can check out the full video below.


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