Netizens Discuss How A Small Difference In NewJeans Minji’s Makeup Makes All The Difference

Still gorgeous either way.

NewJeansMinji has always been a hot topic for her visuals. Since her debut days, fans couldn’t help but gush about her perfect nose and huge, expressive eyes. As those are certainly two of her strongest features, it seems like her makeup artist has found a way to switch up the emphasis on either feature according to the vibe of the day.

Normally, Minji’s makeup is completed with the drawing of aegyo-sal under her eyes. This can be done by some clever contouring to create little puffs beneath each eye. The aegyo-sal helps to make the eyes look bigger and rounder, as well as shorten the midface.

Minji’s stage makeup. | SBS

When she has aegyo-sal drawn on, your gaze naturally focuses on her eyes.


On the other hand, when her makeup artists gives her a more natural look without aegyo-sal, your gaze is switched to her nose and midface.

This is due to her prominent nose! Her eye area looks less dimensional in comparison to when she had aegyo-sal, thus emphasizing her gorgeous nose instead.


Of course, Minji looks pretty with any type of style! Netizens agreed that she looks more unique without the aegyo-sal, while the aegyo-sal makeup can help to open up her eyes.

Netizen reactions. | Nate Pann

  • “Her eyes are originally a little stuffy at the ends, but her nose is high and large so if she doesn’t have aegyo-sal, her eyes look smaller. She looks way prettier with.”
  • “But when she didn’t have them in the Chanel shoot, she did look like she had more of an aura.”
  • “Both are pretty though?”
  • “She looks more modern and unique without.”
  • “Idk what’s so important. She looks f*cking pretty either way.”

Want to get her look? Check out the video below for tips.

Source: Nate Pann