Netizens Outraged Over The Cost For A Microscopic One-Room Apartment In Gangnam

“That place would give me depression.”

It seems like everything is more expensive these days, and housing is no exception. But an extremely tiny one-room apartment near Gangnam Station in Seoul is going viral for the ridiculous monthly rent being asked to live there.

Apartment buildings in Seoul | The Washington Post

In a gif shared of the apartment, the camera seems to be going down a narrow corridor that you would think leads to the actual apartment… But in reality, that claustrophobic walkway is the apartment itself.

Not only is the space incredibly tiny, barely able to fit basic necessities like a fridge and stove, but the price for monthly rent for this excuse of an apartment is 450,000 KRW — which translates to about $340 USD.

The apartment is being compared to “coffin homes” in Hong Kong, which are barely more than a bed inside of a human-sized box. Shockingly, these can cost nearly as much as the price being asked for the apartment in Seoul.

A “coffin home” in Hong Kong | Benny Lam

It seems like the only thing convenient about the Seoul apartment is its location near Gangnam Station. On a post on an online forum discussing the narrow living space, Korean netizens shared their rightfully outraged thoughts on the ridiculous monthly rent.

| The Qoo
  • “That piece of sh*t for 450K won?! I wouldn’t take it even if it was for free. The landlord’s children should live there. WTF?”
  • “Just… Get rid of the kitchen or something”
  • “F*ck. That’s basically a coffin”
  • “I don’t think I’ll ever be able to survive there”
  • “I can’t believe they have this up for rent…”
  • “And what, they’re charging rent for it as a furnished room?! Really?”
  • “It’s barely a dorm room”
  • “You need at least 10,000,000 KRW per month to be able to afford a livable space in Gangnam”

Non-Koreans have also shared their opinions on the apartment, which are heavily in agreement with those above.

Housing problems like the ones major cities in South Korea and other countries are facing are far from easy to fix, but it would be nice to see landlords be a little more compassionate about the price of rent if nothing else.

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa
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