Netizens Praise Super Junior For Their Actions During A Meet And Greet At KAMP LA 2022

Super Junior always do the most for their fans!

Super Junior are currently receiving praise from netizens after their actions during the meet and greet at the KAMP LA 2022 Festival.

Super Junior | @SJ_Official/Twitter

KAMP LA 2022 recently completed its first day following nearly half of the original line-up being unable to perform at the festival due to visa issues. Super Junior initially had issues and only some of the members of the group were able to leave as scheduled from Korea, according to fans monitoring the situation.

Thankfully, the remaining members of the group were able to leave at a later time and arrive in LA in time for the festival.

In addition to their performance, Super Junior were announced to be one of the groups that would take part in the meet and greet offered by KAMP‘s organizers. The meet & greet was purchased by fans as part of a ticket package that offered a variety of perks and had fans excited about what meeting their favorite idols would entail.


Unfortunately, some fans were disappointed by what the meet and greet actually turned out to be. In videos shared online, idols can be seen standing against a backdrop from about ten feet away as fans walk by and wave from behind a barricade.

While meet and greet events have changed following COVID-19 regulations, many fans thought that this experience was not worth the massive price tag and that the organizers were not clear when selling tickets for the event.

Fans expected something similar from Super Junior’s meet and greet but were pleasantly surprised by the actions of the group. At the beginning of the meet and greet, Super Junior can be seen standing against the same backdrop, but seem to realize how the event was about to proceed. The members then walk forward to the barricade where fans are passing by.

The group turned the meet and greet into a hi-touch event where fans were able to get high-fives and take selfies!

According to one fan that attended the event, Super Junior even ignored staff telling them to stay in place to get closer to their fans!

Fans and non-fans have been praising Super Junior for their actions, especially Shindong and Yesung who most likely did not have much time to rest after landing just hours before the festival.

Super Junior

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