Netizens Prove NCT’s Jaehyun Has A Heart Of Gold With Past Anecdotes

If you’ve not yet fallen for him, here’s why you should.

NCT‘s Jaehyun is K-Pop’s latest it-boy. From drama castings to magazine spreads and of course, successful albums, he’s the one to watch. Recently, an online post has been trending on communities. Netizens have been praising him for his kind heart due to these anecdotes from his past.

1. Gaming

As a young boy, it seems that Jaehyun loved gaming on Starcraft. Back in his elementary school days, he had left a question on an online forum. Nothing new there – but what caught netizens’ eyes was the fact that Jaehyun had very kindly replied to each and every comment with a sweet “thank you for voting“.

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2. His members love him

Once, his then-roomate, Haechan, had revealed all the great points about Jaehyun.

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Although you can tell just by looking at him, Jaehyun-hyung’s skin is really good and really fair. But his heart is as clean and pure as his skin. Although it’s also because I am his roommate, whenever he has to sleep but I’m still doing something, he just goes to bed first without turning off the lights. That’s how he always is considerate towards me.

— Haechan

3. He loves his fans

A fan had passed him a collection of post-its with supportive messages written by various fans. In a room-tour vlog, it was revealed that he had kept the post-its to this very day.

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4. He takes care of new members

Although new member, Shotaro, joined not long ago, it seems that he’s getting used to idol-life thanks to his hyungs. On a variety show, Jaehyun can be seen taking care of him.

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5. His touching message

A famous anecdote revealed by the mysterious “Miles M Kim” in question, one of his schoolmates from predebut shared the screenshot online. Before Miles had transferred schools to one in Australia, the two had been good friends. Jaehyun not only gave him some advice on how to adapt and learn English, he also expressed his love for his friend.

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To Miles.M.Kim. I was really surprised at your sudden plans to leave to Australia. You asked me not too long ago on how to do well at English, right? When I was in America, what was important for me was being able to act out by myself, as well as having good friends and hyungs. If you have good friends and hyungs, they will be able to teach you well. I don’t think this will be a problem for you though… And also, you need to be proactive~ Go to Australia well~ Lets email each other for sure~ P.S I don’t know how to spell your English name well so please understand… Fighting~ From Minwoo’s best friend, Jung Jaehyun.

— Jaehyun

6. His politeness

It’s a well-known habit to fans that Jaehyun is unable to read out the word “gae” in Korean, when used to mean “very”. Although it is not considered a curse word or a bad word, it does have some impolite connotations! Once, a fan had sent in a comment including the word and he stumbled over it.

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7. He got along with his classmates well

A visitor log on his past blog in elementary school showed how well he got along with his friends. It seems he was quite popular as well! His teacher also mentioned previously that he often helped classmates who were quiet or not as sociable.

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8. Manners maketh man

On variety show MMTG, he is seen helping the host into a jacket.

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Was that enough to get you to fall for him? Don’t forget to tune into his very first drama, Dear.M, when it launches in 2021!

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