Netizens React To Park Bo Gum’s Insanely Handsome Visuals In A Navy Recruitment Video

“It looks like a scene from a drama”

Actor Park Bo Gum has officially enlisted in the military just a couple of weeks ago but don’t fret too much fans as the actor was recently featured in a military recruitment video and shared some encouraging words with viewers.

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Viewers got to see the actor in the uniform that will be a part of his military journey for the next two years as he greeted the nation.

Hello citizens of South Korea, I am navy personnel Park Bo Gum.

— Park Bo Gum

Looking absolutely crisp, professional and ever so handsome, Park Bo Gum talked to the viewers about the current hard times.

I will only hope for good results from all your challenges. I will continue to encourage you all.

— Park Bo Gum

Netizens had a lot to say about the actor and his good looks. They quickly ran to the comments to share their thoughts on his crazy visuals.

  • Please come back
  • Bogum-ah I miss you
  • Wow this looks like it’s for a drama filming
  • It’s not for a drama?
  • Dang if I wore this…
  • Look at how much hair he has
  • I think Bogum is staying in the military for too long…it’s time for him to come back
  • Wow…it looks like a scene from a drama
  • Okay let’s come back and film a drama..
  • Wow it really looks like a drama
  • Wow he’s seriously so good looking

We wish you the best and hope for a safe return!

Source: theqoo