Netizens reveal the truth behind SNSD Yoona’s plastic surgery rumors

Recently a post titled, “Shocking before plastic surgery photos of SNSD Yoona.jpg” went viral on a Korean online community forum called Pann with over 180,000 views in under a day.“I’m sorry about the title but I got so frustrated at all the fake plastic surgery photos of Yoona going around. This is Yoona below pre debut”





“The photo below is what a lot of antis use to claim Yoona had plastic surgery but the left is the original and what the antis use has been photoshopped”


“You might have seen the picture on the right before when antis claimed Yoona had plastic surgery but the picture was photoshopped to mix the original photo on the left with some other person. Honestly this photoshop was so well done that I would give the person an award”


“The picture on the right is another famous photoshopped ‘proof’ of Yoona’s plastic surgery she looks exactly the same as now in the left picture which is from the same CF”


“The picture on the left isn’t photoshopped and antis love to use it as ‘evidence’ but the picture on the right is from the same photoshoot and she looks gorgeous. The picture on the left is simply a bad angle”


“Honestly only Yoona can say with 100% certainty whether or not she had surgery or not. All I want to say is that antis use a lot of fake ‘evidence’ so you shouldn’t believe everything people say”

[+ 196, – 3] It’s natural for even celebrities to have at least one bad picture. Antis never let them live it down and even photoshop some pictures. The short haired picture I see everywhere..

[+ 103, – 4] Wow she is pretty…Honestly even if it were true Yoona had surgery I’m sure it’s very minimal like braces and small things..She still has protruding chins I don’t get why people say she had her chins shaved ㅋㅋㅋ She was so active even before debut so how would people not know if she had

[+ 84, – 4]


Source: Pann

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