Netizens Are Shook After Learning How Much IU’s Bed Costs

But she totally deserves it for all the hard work she’s done!

In a recent Christmas YouTube vlog, singer and actress IU revealed her room to fans, revealing that it was her favorite space at home. As she spent time hanging out in her room with her brother, fans also had the chance to check out her bedroom interior.

이지금 [IU Official]/YouTube

In particular, her checkered pattern bed gained much attention as fans found out the price of the bed. Turns out the bed is from the Swedish brand Hästens. BLACKPINK’s Jennie also went viral previously for owning the same bed.

이지금 [IU Official]/YouTube
This luxury bed brand can go for a whopping ₩170 million KRW (about $135,000 USD). But by looking at the size of her bed, it looks like it could cost even more!

| Hästens

A queen-sized bed easily costs above $20,000 USD. If she went for the Eala model, the price for a full-sized bed starts at $20,855 USD and goes up to $28,000 USD for the king-sized.

Netizens were totally shook by the price and couldn’t believe that a mattress could cost that much!

| Instiz
  • “Unni I don’t care if I’m a pet plant, just take me…”
  • “Unni just have me.”
  • “I feel like her room would have a warm fragrance…like it would be warm all season round.”
  • “How can a bed cost ₩170 million KRW (about $135,000 USD)?”
  • “How good does a bed have to be to cost that much?”
  • “I’m curious as to how it feels to lie on one…something must be different for it to cost that much.”
  • “Wow…I’m surprised that a bed at that price even exists.”

While some may be shocked at the price of the mattress, sleep medicine expert Michael Breus says it’s worth it if you can get your hands on one!

Hastens is the oldest bed maker in the world, that historic knowledge of beds and bodies at rest makes them unique. But when I tried Hastens sleep system, all of my previous ideas about bedding, support, comfort, and stability changed.

— Michael Breus, Clinical Psychologist and Sleep Medicine Expert

Although it comes with a hefty price tag, we know just how hard IU works for her fans! Watch the full vlog below!

Source: Instiz


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