Netizens Slam LA Times for Using BLACKPINK to Degrade BTS and 2NE1

ARMY, Blackjack and BLINKs agree that BTS, 2NE1 & BLACKPINK shouldn’t be compared.

In an article reviewing BLACKPINK‘s historic Coachella 2019 performance, LA Times writer August Brown stepped on some toes when he name-dropped BTS and 2NE1.

BTS might be a bigger act, and 2NE1 might have covered similar terrain before them. But no other K-pop group could probably have handled a Coachella gig quite as well.

While some fans took this opportunity to join in on the shade in defense of their favorite group, most agreed that this comparison was unnecessary and in bad taste.

BLACKPINK often faces comparisons to 2NE1 as they are 2NE1’s first and only junior girl group from YG Entertainment.

BLACKPINK (left) and 2NE1 during the encore stages for their ‘In Your Area’ and ‘All Or Nothing; tours, respectively.

The mention of BTS likely comes from the perceived need to give context when talking about successful K-Pop groups; BTS is the most internationally recognizable name in K-Pop right now.

BTS and Halsey (middle) in their ‘Boy With Luv’ music video.

ARMY agree, though, that comparisons to BTS are getting old.

Whatever the reasoning behind the comparisons, the backlash raises an important point: other groups don’t need to be put down to lift up another group.

One twitter user also brought up how name-dropping BTS and 2NE1 also somewhat trivializes BLACKPINK.

Both BLACKPINK and BTS continue to enjoy remarkable success worldwide, making history time and time again. With their April 4 single “Kill This Love,” BLACKPINK also became the first K-Pop girl group to top US iTunes. BTS also made history, yet again, by becoming the first K-Pop act to perform on SNL.



Source: LA Times


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