Netizens Reminisce The “SM TOWN” Family Concerts And Just How Fun They Were

The lowest priced tickets were only $29!

As SM Entertainment did not hold a joint concert this year, netizens have recently brought up their past experiences at the SM Town concerts to reminisce over the good old days.

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Reportedly, tickets were priced at ₩110,000 KRW ($98 USD) for ground and second floor seats, while third floor seats were priced at ₩77,000 KRW ($69 USD). However, if one applied for the fandom seats on the third floor through the official fanclub, you could get tickets at a mere ₩33,000 KRW ($29 USD)! The concert lasted for 240 minutes.

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Fans especially claimed that the highlight of the concert was when Red Velvet performed “Red Flavor” as it was the perfect summer night song to hype up the crowd.

As there was no concert this or last year, fans have been especially missing SM TOWN.

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  • “Sitting in the 3rd floor seats while eating snacks and watching SM TOWN is super fun kkkk there were people drinking beer too.”
  • “I hope they have it even early next year.”
  • “Why wasn’t there one last year? Don’t they do it yearly?”
  • “There’s nothing bad about it. If you knew the song you would sing along.”
  • “I always go on the 3rd floor seats and it’s f*cking fun.”
  • “I remember when “Red Flavor” came on, everyone was like that’s it, and went crazy.”
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  • “I remember that the SHINee light sticks’ were super powerful in terms of light.”
  • SM TOWN is different starting from the poster already.”
  • “I love that they let you eat in SM TOWN concerts. Ticket price <<<< Food expenditure kkkkk”
  • “SHINee fans feel for SM TOWN for real… The Shawol fandom seats are super fun. 2017’s SM TOWN will be in my lifetime’s best concerts.”
  • SM TOWN is like a festival for SM stans.”
Wendy performing during “SM TOWN” 2018. | Maple Syrup

Perhaps SM TOWN will relive its glory next year after the pandemic is over!

Source: theqoo