Netizens Alter Suzy’s Face Into A Man And They Think She Looks Like Jung Yonghwa

She’s so handsome!

A FaceApp edit of the ever-gorgeous Suzy is sending netizens into absolute panic mode.

Suzy | Hankook Ilbo

Suzy is known for her beautiful visuals and her looks are always brought up into conversation whenever her name is mentioned. She has become an icon in the idol-turned-actress world and is quickly becoming one of South Korea’s top actresses.

While all of this rings true, that didn’t stop netizens from wondering how Suzy would look like as a man. To answer their curiosity, they began photoshopping Suzy’s face so to look like a man. The FaceApp allows a gender swap of photos with one easy upload and usually, this brings laughter due to the ridiculousness of the outcome.

Suzy’s, however, has become the talk of the town due to how handsome she looks. Here is the original photo of Suzy, looking beautiful as per usual.

Original photo of Suzy | theqoo

Now, here is Suzy as a man with the same photo. Her features are all there, but they’ve been slightly defined to fit a more masculine mold. Her face has become noticeably more chiseled, her eyebrows are thicker and her hair has become shorter. Tell us why she looks so incredible as a man! She looks absolutely handsome and we’re blown away by the duality!

Altered photo of Suzy using FaceApp | theqoo

As an added bonus, netizens took the liberty of altering Suzy’s face once more using a different photo. This time, her hairstyle was kept a little longer, but she still manages to pull this off. How does she do it?

Altered photo of Suzy using FaceApp | theqoo

Luckily for us, we’re not the only ones who feel this way. Netizens who also viewed these photos of the actress had a lot of say about her altered appearance.

| theqoo
  • “Whoa…really pretty and really handsome are on the same wavelength. Suzy is the best.”
  • “The f**k she has Kang Ha Neul and Jung Yonghwa vibes. My heart is fluttering.”
  • “She looks like Jung Yonghwa.”
  • “She looks like a f**king rising rookie actor.”
  • “She looks and has the innocence of a rising rookie actor.”
  • “She really looks like Jung Yonghwa.”
  • “The second photo, she looks like a f**king EXO member, but I don’t know his name…he cut his hair really short like that.”
| Cosmopolitan

In related news, Suzy recently made headlines for making it onto Forbes 30 Under 30 in Asia 2021, proving her immense popularity and status not just in South Korea, but all throughout Asia.

Source: theqoo