Netizens Think This Idol-Turned-Actress’s Visuals Are Too Luxurious To Be In A Historical Korean Drama

Is she too beautiful for her own good?

Idol-turned-actress Kwon Nara has been enjoying her newfound success after she was in the cult favorite Korean drama, Itaewon Class. Many netizens were impressed with her acting abilities and started to get excited for her future projects. With her recent lead casting in a historical drama, however, netizens are starting to wonder if maybe she wasn’t the best choice.

The actress, having gained popularity after her appearance in hit dramas Itaewon Class and Suspicious Partner, has been greatly favored amongst netizens with her impressive acting skills. Not only is she getting complimented on her acting abilities, but also for her beautiful visuals and perfect body proportions. They also shower her with endless praise as being one of the successful idol-turned-actresses in the industry.

Along with the praise came a wave of attention and before she knew it, Kwon Nara was cast as the lead female character in Royal Secret Agent. This drama is set in the Joseon era time period, which would allow the former Hello Venus member to really showcase her acting range. Netizens were excited, as they highly anticipated the former idol and her acting abilities. It was shortly after some photos were released, however, that netizens realized Kwon Nara might be better suited in current day dramas.

| KBS2

In some newly released photos, the actress can be seen portraying her character, Hong Da-In while wearing traditional and historic Korean garments. To go along with her clothes, she is also seen with her hair parted in the middle, which is a traditional hairstyle of the Korean women during that time period.

| KBS2

After inspecting the photos, netizens started coming up with some strange opinions as they seem to believe that something is off with the actress’s looks. They all agreed that while she is beautiful, her beauty doesn’t quite fit in with the drama’s Joseon era time period. This is what they had to say.

  • “It’s because she looks so luxuriously beautiful, it kind of looks like a Chinese historic drama”
  • “She looks beautiful in both styles but because she’s so luxuriously beautiful, she suits normal clothes rather than a hanbok”
  • “She looks pretty but awkward”
  • “I just don’t think she suits a hanbok”
  • “I think it’s the middle part”
  • “She’s too beautiful in a modern way”
  • “Definitely a modern beauty”
  • “Wow she’s f**king gorgeous but the hanbok doesn’t suit her”
  • “It’s because she’s so luxuriously pretty, definitely a modern beauty”

Could this be the first time an actress is told she’s too beautiful for a drama? The comments seem to agree that Kwon Nara’s visuals may be too top tier for a historical Korean drama.

While the drama has not yet aired, it seems like there is already plenty of momentum behind it. Be sure to watch Royal Secret Agent with the female lead, Kwon Nara and male lead, Infinite member or Kim Myung Soo. The first episode is set to air on December 21, 2020.

Source: theqoo and IMBC