Netizens Think These K-Pop Idols Look Like A Father And Son Duo At A Recent Event

Fans got a kick out of seeing the two idols dressed so differently!

Recently, SEVENTEEN‘s DK and S.Coups were invited to the Polo Ralph Lauren x Fortnite event, and fans are finding the photos taken at the event hilarious!


SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups and DK | @wonubliss/Twitter

Many tweets have gone viral regarding SEVENTEEN’s DK and S.Coups at the event, mostly commenting on the stark contrast in the two members’ outfits! While DK opted for a button-down shirt, S.Coups chose a hoodie for a more casual look. Fans are saying the two SEVENTEEN members looked like a father-son duo at the event, which caused fans to tweet about the hilarious comparison!

Since SEVENTEEN is currently in the middle of their Japanese dome tours, both DK and S.Coups flew back to Japan following the event, and coincidentally had the same “father-son” vibe even at the airport!

The duo are back safely in Japan and will continue the SEVENTEEN “Be The Sun Tour” with the rest of their group!

It’s safe to say the two SEVENTEEN members have very distinct styles, DK dressed much more business casual, while S.Coups dresses comfortably and casually. Because of this combination, we’ll likely see hilarious comparisons again in the future!


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