Netizens Are ROFLing at a “The World of the Married” Virtual Ending Proposed Online

Spoiler alert!

While the record-breaking drama, The World of the Married is taking the world by storm, a virtual ending for the drama is gaining overwhelming attention online.

In one online community, a post was shared regarding the much anticipated ending to the suspenseful drama.

The post states, “Lee Tae Oh turns out like this“, along with a photo of the actor, Park Hae Joon dressed like a monk.

The photos were taken from when Park Hae Joon played the role of a monk in the popular drama, My Mister, which starred IU.

Some of the netizens are using Park Hae Joon’s cuts from My Mister to predict the outcome for his character in The World of the Married.

Park Hae Joon is currently playing the role of a man who cheated on his wife and remarried the woman he had an affair with.

But in a recent episode, he ended up cheating on his current wife with his former wife, which shocked many viewers.

Following that episode, many viewers expressed that Lee Tae Oh needs to discipline his mind, which led to the resurfacing of his role as a monk in My Mister.

The contrasting image of Park Hae Joon in each drama has many viewers rolling on the floor laughing.

But as for how the drama will actually end, the viewers will just have to stick around and see.

Source: Insight