Get To Know “Nevertheless” Potato Boy, Chae Jong Hyub

Here’s 5 little-known facts about him.

Chae Jong Hyub made his debut in 2018 with Come and Hug Me but it took him a good 3 years to really put his name on the radar with his role on Nevertheless as the lovable Yang Do Hyuk, also known as Potato Boy. As he continues to steal hearts left, right, and center, here some little-known facts about the star!

1. He studied overseas

During an appearance on Amazing Saturday, he revealed that he had studied abroad in South Africa for three years until he was 21, where he returned to South Korea to pursue a career in acting. He has yet to show off his English skills though. Prior to that, he studied for a year in Thailand.

2. He has appeared in web dramas prior to his small-screen debut

He starred in two seasons of Getting Through Today Fine Too (literal translation) by Krispy Studio. Unfortunately, no English subtitles are available.

3. His current favorite song

He shared that his current favorite song was Tayo Sound‘s “Nervous”. Take a listen below. Chae Jong Hyub also shared he does not really listen to K-Pop or Korean music and prefers pop songs.

4. His English name is Jimmy

Although it was not publicly announced, in an international online interview he once did about Sisyphus, the interviewers consistently referred to him as Jimmy.

5. He used to be a model

At 186cm tall, it’s no surprise that he would have been a model! Chae Jong Hyub reportedly tried his hand at being a model in South Africa, but when things didn’t take off as he hoped, he moved back to South Korea to pursue a career here.

| tvn

As he is still relatively new to the showbiz, there’s not much other information about the cutie. Stay tuned for more news about Chae Jong Hyub!