The New Hair Trend For S/S 2022 In South Korea And 5 Female Idols Who Rock It

Get some inspiration here for your next haircut.

You might have seen this look making its rounds on social media as of late. If you follow Korean hair salons or influencers, perhaps you’ve already caught on. While long mermaid locks were in trend for F/W 2021, the current season calls for something much lighter. Enter the “middle bob,” Korea’s rendition of the style includes many layers and an inward curl. Here are two versions of the trend by one of Korea’s leading salons, Chahong.

The first style features side “curtain” bangs that frame the face gently. The look is elegant and gentle, while the many layers give it some texture.

| @chahong.official/Instagram

The second look features “see-through” bangs and fewer layers. With a more level length, it gives off a neater and lovelier vibe.

| @chahong.official/Instagram

Of course, idols have to be the first ones to jump onto the trend. Who are some of the female celebrities hopping on? Here are 5 idols that have rocked the style recently.

1. Karina (aespa)

The leader of aespa made waves when she debuted her fresh cut. The shorter style made her look lighter and fresher. She also dyed her hair brown rather than the harsh black it was before. This made her look more innocent.

| @ujiminphoria/Twitter

2. Wendy (Red Velvet)

Wendy rocks long extensions for the stage, but she keeps her hair short off-duty. The style frames her face nicely while keeping it shorter than the usual “mid-length bob” to suit her longer face shape.

| @todayis_wendy/Instagram

3. Chaeyoung (TWICE)

Known for her edgy style, Chaeyoung styled hers with uneven, choppy layers to add some funk.

| @twicetagram/Instagram

4. Hyojung (OH MY GIRL)

The baby-faced leader went the opposite way from the others. Rather than chopping her locks, she just let her short bob grow out into this softer style.

| @candyz_hyojung/Instagram

5. SinB (VIVIZ)

Last but not least, SinB keeps the cut chic with a dark black shade and perfectly tousled curls. The length is right below her collarbone, one of the most flattering lengths.

| @bscenez/Instagram

We appreciate the new trend that shies away from the typical long locks that female idols have been sporting since the dawn of time. With the style being flexible and versatile enough to accommodate all sorts of individualistic tastes, it’s no wonder it has become a trend.

You can find many hair tutorials and inspirations through Chahong’s YouTube channel. Find your S/S22 new hairdo!