New Japanese Boy Group Goes Viral For Their “Suggestively Explicit” Logo

That is one way to attract attention!

New music groups often will debut with some sort of image or concept to catch the attention of potential fans.

From aespa‘s eye catching debut featuring AIs of each member…

| SM Entertainment

…to groups of the past assigning powers to each member, much like EXO did with their debut.

A new Japanese group called BOYSGROUP recently released their first bit of teaser information and inadvertently made a strong first impression because of their “interesting” logo.

Set to debut under WACK Co., BOYSGROUP is an upcoming six-member boy group that seems to be based in Osaka, Japan. WACK is home to other groups like BiSH, GANG PARADE, and SAiNT SEX and was established by Junnosuke Watanabe.

WACK Logo.

So far, BOYSGROUP have only shared a single official TikTok and teaser photo with the promise of releasing individual teasers once they hit their retweet goal of one thousand. It seems like the Twitter account was used for the group’s pre-debut activities as well.

BOYSGROUP | @boysgroup_west/Twitter

はじめまして!BOYSGROUPです!! 大阪を拠点に活動をしています! 応援よろしくお願いします🥳 #BOYSGROUP #WACKBOYZ #大阪から全国へ #WACK #OSAKA


While music fans are usually open to new groups, the tweet quickly gained traction because of the logo that was also shared. BOYSGROUP’s logo features a long oval, with two circles on either side with the letters B and G inside of them.

| @boysgroup_west/Twitter

Netizens quickly noticed the somewhat explicit look that the logo had and began to interact with the tweet, causing the account to rack up more than ten thousand quote tweets.

While the strangely suggestive logo may be out of the ordinary for fans of other groups, it seems like WACK artists behave outside of what is normal for groups. For example, the label’s concert earlier this year was called WACK WACK SH*T TOUR: SH*T Premium. 


Either way, netizens have had some pretty hilarious reactions to the logo!

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