These New Korean Keywords Trending On PornHub’s Most Searched List Will Leave You Sick To Your Stomach

“You guys are disgusting…”

Shortly after the news of 14 Korean men getting arrested and going under investigation for their most horrifying online sex crime against women, including underage girls…

PornHub, the “world’s leading free porn site”, saw a spike in the search of related keywords:

Some netizens are hoping to find what may have leaked from the “Nth Room Sex Abuse Case” group chatrooms on Telegram…

Combinations of “Telegram, N Chat Room, Korean, High School, Middle School” Keywords

… and such “trending” searches are leaving others baffled with absolute disgust.

Read more about Korea’s biggest messenger app-based child pornography “Nth Room Sex Abuse” case here:

4 Korean Men Arrested For Operating Korea’s Biggest Child Pornography Group Chat

Source: THEQOO and WikiTree

Nth Room Sex Abuse Case